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I have been reading, exploring and researching the Tarot for over three decades. During this time, my wide-ranging experiments with the cards in the contexts of meditation, creativity, relationships and everyday life, have led me to see and experience playing with the tarot as an art-form of which the aim of the tarotist is to create and recreate that most unique and beautiful of art-works – You.

The Tarotist

My readings are not about predicting the future, they are about seeing, in every unique situation, what is the widest range of the possible. They are about using the cards to dis-cover the potential that is in the present moment, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, and experiencing the joy of insight, meaning and creativity that this can bring to your life.

In my writings I aim to present new, enlightening and life-affirming ideas with which to approach the tarot. I will attempt to write with a clarity and freshness that will help intelligent people everywhere to derive both more fun and more wisdom from playing with these beautiful decks of cards.

Philippe St. Genoux

My book “Tarot: How to re-create yourself with a deck of cards and other meditations” contains the essence of my ideas about Tarot-play and self-creation as art. The articles presented on this site are a continuation of the unfoldment of this vision.

The Tarotist - Recent Articles

How respectable is the tarot?

      Sometimes naked, sometimes mad Now as a scholar, now as a fool Thus they appear on earth The free men and women    -Wandering Baul minstrel verse   The Tarot has a history of being a pursuit of fringe-dwellers of various sorts, certainly from the viewpoint of...

The magic of rapport

  A tarot reading is a communication between two people. It is often linked with the idea of “psychic” phenomena, which are considered by many to be  paranormal happenings. However, before claiming  that anything is `paranormal` it is necessary to understand  the...

Our inner self is a poetic creation

  Our ability to use language at all requires an innate grasp of what we call poetry and  this use of poetry and metaphor doesn`t just occur in what we would formally recognize as poetry, rather, it is woven intricately into our lives like the thread in a piece of...

Tarot, Poetry and Magic

   The Tarot A map for the traveller A dream for the dreamer A mentor for the earnest A comfort for the troubled A ship to sail away on A harbour for the confused A mirror for the meditative An arrow for those with an an aim A game for those game enough to fly with...

What kind of fool are you?

  The fools` journey is a common theme in tarot writing, but what is the fool doing there at the head of the trumps in the first place? In amongst luminaries such like the Pope, the Emperor and Empress - how did he get there? He seems like some kind of gate crasher at...

The Crossroads

People who come for a tarot reading often describe the situation they find themselves in by saying: “I am at a crossroads” This is a key metaphor within the extended metaphor of life as a journey, way or path. It indicates that we are in a position where uncertainty...

Osho and the Tarot

“Fill your heart with the creative power to accept the past, decorate the present and  transform the future."     Osho   Osho people, or sannyasins, have produced and published a wide variety of tarot decks in the past four decades. I am aware of at least eight decks...

Becoming a Psyche-Artist

In my book, I wrote about how playing with the tarot is an experimental and experiential art-form and how all artists use a medium through which they literally transform their materials in order to create, re-create and to re-present aspects of our world anew. I put...

List of contents and introduction from the book

  CONTENTS   Introduction   Chapter 1: Entering the play dimension A pack of lies or a pack of truths? From gravity to levity and towards enlightenment Stepping into the rainbow The gods do play dice Introducing the medieval Dice-Man: the bishop who said, ‘Let us...

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